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Date(s) - 09/05/17
10:30 am - 2:00 pm


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Supervisor Santino is rolling out a plan that he’ll roll out the door the first opportunity he gets. Much like Santino’s bogus “internal investigations” that target his enemies and fall in his favor, his Scam-Plan deceives the public and is designed to target fellow board members who speak-up on behalf of US, the taxpayers. Have you noticed that there is no punishment or accountability for violating this “ethics” plan? No night board meetings included for the public to attend and even THIS meeting is scheduled at a time most residents cannot attend. This side-show won’t even be video archived because in Santino’s administration, the LESS you know the MORE they gain. Santino REFUSES REAL OVERSIGHT, and has not only left out ETHICS in his “ethics” plan but also the one person WE could turn to when there are ethical concerns in Hempstead; an Inspector General. Santino’s plan, and it’s election timing is no more than a desperate attempt to hang on to a breathless campaign where even his own party has left him in the dark, as his “ethics” plan wants to leave YOU. Buyer Beware!