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Date(s) - 09/14/17
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

DA's Office

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Join the Justice for Keenan and Anthony Coalition at a rally at the Suffolk County DA’s office. On June 22, Vigilante Christopher Bouchard was arrested and only charged with reckless endangerment for mowing down 19 year old Keenan King and 20 year old Anthony Holmes-Garriques in Suffolk County Long Island.
Bouchard claims he believed the bikes to have been stolen and pursued the two despite calling the police earlier that day to report a stolen bike.
Witnesses reported seeing Bouchard driving at least 100 mph and making a u-turn in traffic to have a full-on collision with the two young men, killing King on the spot and injuring Holmes-Garriques who later that same day died in the hospital.

Witnesses also reported Bouchard and his brother, after killing King, attempted to load the bike into the van they were driving in to speed off before the police got to the scene. Thank goodness that good samaritans stopped them before they could leave.

This was not reckless endangerment! It was vehicular manslaughter/homicide. The Bouchards set out to look for trouble instead of allowing the police to do their job. The bike that the young men were killed over was not the reported stolen bike.

If Bouchard is only given a slap on the wrist, and his brother Brian not picked up and charged with being an accomplice, it will be just another way for the justice system to say that Keenan and Anthony’s life did not matter.

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We will rally to demand the following:

1. That Bouchard’s brother be arrested immediately and charged with being an accomplice to this horrific crime.
2. Increase the charges! The charges must be increased to reflect premeditation
3. Subpoena any and all social media evidence that indicates premeditation