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Date(s) - 07/15/17
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm


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Join us for the launch of PLUC: The People’s Land Use Committee, a grassroots, neighborhood run initiative.

New York City is facing an unprecedented housing crisis. There are over sixty-thousand homeless, a majority of households are spending almost two-thirds of their income on rent, rent-regulated apartments are disappearing, and NYCHA continues to be neglected with privatization looming.

Housing organizations are feeling this pressure – fighting even a single eviction can take enormous amounts of resources. Many organizations struggle to stay afloat, even as their own membership face evictions and layoffs. The result is often that organizations are often stuck playing a game of catch-up, while rarely ever going on the offensive.

Contributing to this difficulty is the complexity of housing and zoning law, which, on the one hand, makes it hard for people to know their rights, while, on the other, allows developers, who can afford to spend thousands on lawyers, to operate smoothly in pursuit of their agenda. At the level of zoning and land-use law, all projects undergo “public review”. However, this is just another technique that benefits developers. As many are aware, once development proposals make it to “public review”, the core plans are already written, allowing only for insignificant tweaks. Development projects get vetted for months with the councilmembers’ blessings before going public. Additionally, developers have direct lines to politicians and high-level city staff who are able to pull strings and advance projects in return for various favors.

In response to these hardships, PLUC emerges at a time when the need for partisan research and analysis is at its greatest. PLUC will aim to assist already existing organizations and individuals in helping develop and focus strategy for fighting gentrification and displacement. PLUC will make effort to connect and work with other organizations and projects pursuing similar goals.

Tentative Goals of PLUC:
(1) Demystify the planning and land use process by studying it, following developments, and providing resources and analysis to grassroots organizations; and
(2) Collaborate in the creation of alternate community-based planning proposals to counter city-backed and develop-led initiatives.

[please contact us if you or your group would like to participate]