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Date(s) - 04/18/17
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Goldman Sachs

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Just a few days after hundreds of thousands across the nation are set to march and demand that Trump pay his fair share, activists will confront the most powerful bank in the world for dodging taxes and taking resources away from working people.

On April 18th, activists head to Government Sachs, the very same bank that has taken over our government, dodges billions in taxes and is now in charge of changing our tax structure.

While Government Sachs avoids paying billions of dollars in taxes, those same dollars are stripped away from our public housing, healthcare, education, and so many vital programs and services.

Trump and his Goldman Sachs billionaire friends don’t contribute nearly enough. They pay less in taxes than regular working people, including many immigrants, women, and people of color who are struggling to make ends meet every day.

That’s why on Tax Day, Tuesday April 18th, working people will come together to demand that Government Sachs stop looting America once and for all.


Goldman Sachs has been looting from America Since Day 1. They do this by:

Dodging taxes

Destroying our jobs: Goldman Sachs continuously invests in companies that move jobs offshore. It also moved over 80,000 of their own jobs offshore.

Evicting our families: Goldman Sachs played a major role in the foreclosure crisis, and continues to play a role today. Steven Mnuchin (former Goldman executive) and his One West Bank is considered one of the worst evictors during the financial crisis. He’s now running the treasury department. And recent foreclosure data shows that a Goldman affiliate is responsible for more recent foreclosures than most banks.

Criminalizing our bodies and profiting from incarceration: Goldman created the first “social impact” bond that would make the company millions off of the private prison industry. Mnuchin sits on the board of the LA Police Foundation.

Putting at risk our land and water: Goldman is a major investor on fossil fuel infrastructure (pipelines), and is working to privatize water systems across the US. Water is a human right.