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Date(s) - 06/03/17
9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Civic Hall

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Calling all videographers, graphic designers, coders, social media experts, health care activists, volunteers and artists!

Techies, creatives and activists are getting together to create technological and creative assets for the organizations fighting for universal health care. We have gone through a series of interviews with health care organizations, and have pinpointed ways technologists can support the fight. For example, we aim to build a healthcare calculator for citizens and small businesses, healthcare maps, and peer-to-peer petitioning system.

Creatives are needed to create a variety of story-telling assets which will include video, animations, graphics or memes, and a good strategy to amplify the universal health care messaging the grassroots and veteran activists are already putting into the world.

The day will end with presentations of the projects that people worked on for that day.

The assets built on June 3rd will live on, be continually worked on and be used by Campaign for NY Health and its partners. They will also serve as a model for organizations in the other 17 states that are fighting for universal health care.

Share yours here: bit.ly/storyhealth
A main project of Action Blitz (and beyond) is to collect health care stories for Campaign for NY Health and its partners + the nationwide movement.

Featuring health care stories of constituents is a super important piece of this movement to persuade our elected officials and neighbors that we need and want universal health care.

We can help you share your story on camera, as an animation, audio only, letter-form, storytelling format, photo montage, and more. Fill out this confidential form to submit your story: bit.ly/storyhealth

Everyone has a health care story.

So far, we’ve heard from patients, healthcare professionals and small business owners affected by the ACA that have:

_Developed serious health problems because of cost or insurance company bureaucracy
_Delayed treatment because of cost
Stayed in unhealthy relationships or jobs for fear of losing health care coverage
_Worry about losing coverage if the ACA is repealed because of cost or a pre-existing condition.
_Worry about losing their business because private insurance premiums keep rising
_Observed different treatment for patients based on health insurance status
_Observed a patient delay or refuse health care because of cost

1. We want stories from all over New York state.
1a. We are especially in need of stories from beyond NYC.
1b. We want stories especially from Hannon’s district too.
1c. Stories from districts of Felder, Young, and Golden are useful as well.
2. Though our focus in NY, we are also collecting health care stories from across the nation, especially the 16 other states that have universal health care bills in the works. So send your non-NY family or friends our way too!

ONSTACK IPHONE VIDEO COLLECTION: https://onstack.org/view/stack/39
These can be done on an iPhone and quickly disseminated in a variety of ways.
Saturday June 3rd, we will have street teams collecting stories in various places!
*****we could use help in finding volunteers to do this outside of our boroughs though – please send our way if you know anyone! We can give a quick tutorial on best practices for OnStack-ing to folks anywhere.*****

CURATED COLLECTION: Another part of the project is to have hand-picked stories, filmed very professionally.
We want some of those stories to be filmed during Action Blitz. So the person would have to be available. Ideally, this person would also be up for working with photoshoot and creative team to end up with a really great variety of ways to push out the stories and strategically.

BEYOND ACTION BLITZ: The project does not end when Action Blitz ends! We will continue the work until the bill is victorious! So though we have urgency for Action Blitz, we will always want to expand the collection of health care stories. We can never have too many. So keep sending folks our way, all the time.