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Date(s) - 05/19/18
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Port Jefferson Waterfront


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Pinocchio was a wooden puppet whose nose grew longer each time he told a lie. He was transformed into a real boy when he became brave and truthful.

We have our very own Congressional puppet: Lee Zeldin, aka Zeenocchio.

• Zeenocchio claims to be an environmentalist, but he voted to slash EPA funding, and has a 10% lifetime rating by the League of Conservation Voters.
• Zeenocchio supports our attacks on Syria, but also supports Trump’s extreme limit on the number of Syrian refugees who can enter the US.

• Zeenocchio refuses to vote for restrictions on gun possession, and is even in favor of concealed carry laws for gun owners. He enjoys an ‘A’ rating from the NRA, and is the largest beneficiary of NRA money in NY State.

• Zeenocchio says he is concerned about school safety, but he declined to meet with Smithtown high school students to discuss the Parkland massacre and gun control.
• Zeenocchio would allow abortions only in cases of rape or incest.

• Zeenocchio lacks the courage to condemn Trump’s most odious utterances and lies, including bragging about sexual crimes and mocking a handicapped reporter.

Let’s help Zeenocchio to show courage and honesty, and become a real boy by joining the ​​Zeenocchio Day celebration in ​​Port Jefferson on the street in front of the waterfront ferry terminal on route 25A, ​​Saturday, May 12th, noon to 2 PM. Please let me know if you are coming, and if you are bringing friends. [email protected]

Bring flags, if you have them, and a fishing rod. I will have voter registration forms, and cardboard fish to attach to your line. Zeldin’s name is Xed out, and the names of appropriate fish are on the reverse. You might be lucky, and catch a SUCKER MOUTH, a CRAPPIE or even a Hawaiian AHOLE.
I will also bring 12 large and 24 small Zeenocchio posters, and other posters, as well. Please bring your own posters documenting Zeldin’s lies and his bizarre fealty to Trump.

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